We develop in-house FA systems as
an FA system integrator that contributes
to the next generation.

Improving productivity is an important business challenge for small
and medium-sized enterprises.
SATAKE Precision Technology strives to be an engineering company
that can provide proposals for improving productivity
through labor-saving and automation.
SATAKE Precision Technology began as a component manufacturer.
As a small company that strives to improve the future of manufacturing,
we develop FA systems that offer exceptional cost performance.
We aim not only to improve efficiency by introducing them in in-house factories,
but also to perform verification and improvements through actual implementation,
so our FA systems are always evolving.
We will continue with our development work, commercializing and
selling FA systems used in future smart factories to further support the evolution
of the manufacturing industry.

About SATAKE Precision Technology's FA business

Component manufacturing

Our FA division promote the introduction of labor-saving and automation by performing in-house factory site analysis and using technologies such as the IoT, robots, and RPA. We provide solutions optimized for use in the field.

FA equipment development

Our MI division, which operates our in-house factories, uses provided solutions. Feedback from the field based on actual usage is relayed to the FA division, and all members of the division work together as one to improve efficiency.

FA equipment sales

Solutions backed by extensive experience provide functions needed in the manufacturing field. Solution proposals support the transformation of factories into smart factories, from the ground up.

The future horizons of SATAKE Precision Technology being opened up through our FA business

We meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Expansion of current business

・Provision of broad ranges of products
・Support for modularization

Diverse solutions

・FA device customization
・Grippers with advanced sensors
・Smart platforms

We are active in next-generation growth fields, expanding our business.

IoT technology development

・ IoT basic modules and applications
・Sensing technologies (movement of machines, articles, and people)

Fusion with automation and labor-saving devices

・Development of RPA-based automation and labor-saving devices

Meeting the diverse needs of automated production lines

・Visualization, monitoring, and process analysis