Kenichi Ogata

Since 1937, we have provided special bolts and machine components that meet customer needs in a wide variety,with small lots and short delivery times.

Our company, as a supplier of metal components, has continued to challenge itself in all kinds of ways to respond to the dramatically changing industrial structure and put importance on responding further to our customers’ needs by growing and evolving.

We Provide solutions for the future by Our Original Technology and services.

We believe that responding to our customers’ needs means evolving our various businesses with the market, using our past experience in providing special metal components.

Since the Lehman Shock, the industrial structure of Japan has changed dramatically. We have given up non-growth businesses, consolidated our custom-made metal components business and expanded new services. We strengthened the FA market business by speedily specializing our existing plants in production speed and set up a Business Development Division to launch new businesses. This new division establishes a Sensor Business aiming for consumer robots market as a next stage in the FA market, and then creates original metal parts for robots in synergy with the existing businesses and expand our business in the new markets … Our company always moves forward.

The SATAKE Group currently comprises three companies: a sensor business that provides the world’ s first tactile sensors as a unique technology, Touchence, Inc., and a special fittings business with in-house-developed brand of JSK, Sanko Kogyo Co., Ltd. We are also expanding the handling of brand products from other companies such as resin additives and gas sensors to enhance the line-up that we can offer to customers.

In addition, since we are expanding overseas offices by focusing in Asia such as China and Thailand, by gradually expanding the providing areas, we will strive to make contribution to production facility industries around the world.

The custom-made metal processing business also meets customer needs even better than before and will continue to evolve to propose new added value.

Our company has a young management team and young employees and will continue to further challenge itself in every way. You can expect us to grow and evolve for the sake of our customers.