SATAKE's Business

SATAKE Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is a global company that is creating the future.

The SATAKE Precision Technology Group is a next-generation solution company led by the unique technologies and proposal capabilities it has developed through its experience with metal component processing.It meets customer needs and continually proposes innovative technologies.It develops SATAKE brand products that leverage tactile sensors, designs robotics that help address the problems created by population shrinkage, and improves the value of the "SATAKE Brand" as an engineering trading company that provides proposals to customers.

Metal processing business

We handle custom-made products, from prototypes to mass-produced products. Based on our precision component processing technologies, we use our own domestic and overseas networks to process custom products. We create and provide the added value that customers truly need, from high-mix low-volume production and prototypes to mass-produced products.

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FA Business

We aim to be a company that provides factory automation proposals, using robot systems to improve productivity and add new services that we can propose to customers.We strive to be an engineering trading company that proposes methods for personnel saving and automation to take on the problem of personnel shortages.

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Fitting Business

We develop and manufacture products in the JSK brand, one of the world's top fitting brands. We offer stable product supply and rapid turnaround.Sanko Kogyo Co., Ltd., is a member of the SATAKE Precision Technology Group whose special gas fittings for semiconductor devices are known for having some of the highest levels of quality. Its fittings and gaskets are developed and manufactured in an in-house factory with a clean room.

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Sensor Business

We develop, manufacture, and sell innovative tactile sensors that produce advances in the interfaces between robots and people.We collaborated with University of Tokyo to develop original sensors.We then spun off our sensor business into its own company, our affiliate company Touchence Inc. Touchence's highly-experienced engineers support the development of new products for customers.

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Global Human Resource

We provide consulting services by manufacturers, for manufacturers, focusing on the use of global human resources in the manufacturing industry. Through our consulting services, we offer a wide range of recruitment plans for global human resources, from front-line workers to technical engineers and back-office staff such as interpreters, accountants, and trade clerks. Our goal is to solve common human resource issues in the manufacturing industry by leveraging the synergy between global human resources and the manufacturing industry.

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Corporate Data

We meet diverse needs and support global manufacturing through our high levels of quality.

We maintain a strong customer focus and provide solutions as only we can.The SATAKE Group uses the reliable quality of its in-house factory and its wide network of collaborating manufacturers, promising the best coordination and the ultimate in support.

CEO Message

We stay abreast of changes in the industrial structure and evolutions in manufacturing as we build the businesses that will support the next generation.

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Global Network

As an FA robot system integrator, we have laid the groundwork for the sale of SATAKE brand devices.We possess the functions necessary to design and develop automation and robotic devices.

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